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Will Davila

MyWebXpert serving Silicon Valley and Beyond!

I am dedicated to giving small businesses affordable and effective web design and digital media solutions. I realize that you have many options when it comes to web design, SEO, SEM, and digital marketing, however most of these options are not affordable, and are very ineffective. Fiverr and other outsourcing platforms are unreliable and low quaity while agencies are over-priced. Mywebxpert has set out to solve this problem and we have had tremendous success. The formula is simple, eliminate as much overhead as possible, and do quality work.

Eliminating Overhead

A typical digital media company has a minimum of 10 employees who all command a six figure income. The bigger companies have a sales team, pay huge commissions, and have big leases to support their staff. The reality is that 1 highly skilled individual can accomplish the same thing leaving more money for the actual campaign!

Quality Work

Most digital media companies that deliver quality work charge a fortune, and most small businesses have a limited budget. This forces  the small business to sacrificing on quality and work with a big company like, Hibu, Dex Media, Verizon, Godaddy, etc.. To furthere support my point, many of these busineses are either no longer around, or have changed ownership too many times to count!  The likes of these large digital marketing companies outsource everything from web sites, to managing google campaigns. They take a large portion of your advertising budget, and force you into a contract.  This cycle continues to happen because their is such a need for web design and digital marketing services among small businesses and there is nowhere else for them to turn until now!  Here at Mywebxpert, we give you one extremely qualified individual that will deliver exceptional work. This individual has equity in the company and is extremely motivated.